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Welcome to The Purple Elixir Boutique Blog., My name is Jamine Georges, I am a 30 something year old Mom, who lives in the Metro- Atlanta Area. I am the Founder and CEO of The Purple Elixir Boutique, which caters to women ( Small - 3x) who want trendy, fashionable, and affordable items without breaking the bank. 
Founder of The Purple Elixir Boutique


How it all   began...

 I have always loved   anything beauty and fashion- hair, nails, shoes, clothes and the likes. So I thought "why not start a boutique selling items and products that I am passionate about". I looked into starting and how much it would cost me and became quickly discouraged because of all the work I would have to do.
Then, I thought of the future and realized I do not want to work for someone forever and I would love to be able to build generational wealth. Generational wealth is a concept that is not widely practiced in the African- American or Caribbean community- why not start with my family.. I decided to form an LLC in late 2016 and began the process of finding vendors after many months of procrastinating.
I found a verified Macy's re-seller and bought a small lot of designer bags and starting telling my friends and family about my new venture. I realized I needed a platform to sell my products and made a completely horrid website. Six months went by and nothing,... another six months past and still nothing. I began to worry that I'd have these bags just collecting dust. Early 2018, I began the process of revamping my website and decided to offer a variety of products rather than just bags. But life had other plans! I found out I was pregnant and at the most unfortunate time.
The Purple Elixir Boutique is not by any means generating millions! This is not a " I am a successful entrepreneur let me show you how I made my millions" type of blog. I have experienced some wins, but entrepreneurship is a journey that never ends. I want to share some of my journey and hope you all will take the ride along with me.
What to Expect...
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  • Jamine Georges

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you so much! Some of us, just aren’t meant to “work for the man” forever. I hope I can give you the necessary information and boost your confidence to start your own business and legacy.

  • Stéphane

    Hey Jasmine, I am so proud when I see a sister or a brother taking the entrepreneurial path. You’re right it’s not common in our community. Fist of, I will salute you for doing so and wish you all the blessings and success. I also want to learn from your experience because I always had a burning desire to be an entrepreneur. By the way, 9-5 had never worked for me: I am always kicked out after one or two years. Anyway that’s not my cup of tea. I am a free thinker, I love freedom and explore new things. I hope and I believe I gonna learn from you. For my side, I will try my best to bring awareness to your store by sharing your article. Kudos to you sister and all the best.

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